In Doing Right By People, HR expert Loh Meng See shares his insights into the all-important field of people management, drawing on his wealth of experience at top companies Keppel Corporation and Singapore Airlines, and as a former Member of Parliament.
Against the backdrop of the social and economic history of Singapore, readers are given a front row seat to how Loh rode out painful situations such as retrenchments during economic recessions and tensions between management and unions, as well as key events such as the SARS crisis and SQ006 crash. A must-read for business managers, human resources professionals, and any student of human nature.’

Join Straits Times Press author Loh Meng See and hear him talk about how he managed to successfully navigate the few toughest situations for HR practitioners.

Date: 21 May 2020

Time: 6pm

Via Singapore Book Fair Facebook Page

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Loh Meng See: “Doing Right By People”


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