1.   PIONEERS OF SINGAPORE —  Alan Bay (illustrator)

We always hear the names Raffles or Farquhar whenever we discuss Singapore’s early history. But what of the many other pioneers who were just as important? What are their stories?

Accompanied by lively, charming illustrations, Pioneers of Singapore brings you the accounts of thirty-five key figures in Singapore’s colonial history.

Category: Non-fiction, Historical, Singapore


2.   ONCE UPON A SINGAPORE … TRADERS  Tina Sim (author), Alan Bay (illustrator)

With Grandpa as his tour guide, Aloysius travels around olden Singapore and meets traders who once did a roaring trade—and provided invaluable service to their communities—but are now vanishing. What else will Aloysius discover during this journey? How will experiencing the past change Aloysius? Will he find out how naughty Grandpa was at his age?

Join Aloysius and Grandpa on a zany journey to the past! Just as Aloysius and Grandpa were transported through their book, Once Upon A Singapore… Traders will bring you on a fantastic and colourful ride as you get to meet the traders who are still remembered fondly by generations of Singaporeans today.

Category: Comics, Fiction, Singapore, Historical




         — Danny Jalil (author), Zaki Ragman (illustrator)


Lieutenant Adnan bin Saidi was a man who fought valiantly to defend Singapore during the Japanese invasion in February 1942. He, along with the rest of the Malay Regiment, battled the Japanese soldiers on Bukit Chandu. These great men were Singapore’s last defence and fought bravely to the end, despite being captured, and even tortured.

Narrated by the son of Lieutenant Adnan’s son, Mokhtar, this comic book tells the story of Lieutenant Adnan’s life – not only depicting the infamous Battle of Bukit Chandu, but also the events before the critical battle and its repercussions thereafter.

Category: Comics, Singapore, Historical




         — Catherine GS Lim (author), Zaki Ragman (illustrator)

This book unveils some of the mysteries of old Singapore – the legendary rajahs that ruled the island, the patriotism and treachery enacted in the palace atop Fort Canning Hill, the aura surrounding Redhill, Radin Mas, Kusu and Sisters Island, and many more.  You will feel a sense of reverence and awe as you witness the events that have helped shape the majestic character of the island!

Category: Comics, Singapore, Historical, Fiction



5.     《粵海清廟:建築與歷史的對話》— Yeo Kang Shua 楊茳善

《粵海清廟:建築與歷史的對話》透過潮州傳統建築九大工種,即瓦作、木作、圬作、磚作、石作、灰塑彩繪、泥塑、嵌瓷與漆飾的闡述,介紹粵海清廟 2010年至2014年間進行修復時的工作程序,以及其建築風格、材料與技術。

Category: Architecture, Singapore, Non-fiction



6.     KOPI THIAM — James Suresh (author), Adam Lee (illustrator)

Kopi Thiam is back. Not as the friendly, local neighbourhood cafe but as a comic book. Popular as a comic series in Singapore’s New Paper and in The Star, Malaysia, ‘Kopi Thiam’ was created by Suresh and Lee 22 years ago.

While the creative pair have been busy with other aspects of their respective careers since, they recently got together and decided to bring ‘Kopi Thiam’ back to life in published comic book form.

Category: Comics, Singapore, Humour



7.     SINGAPORE IN THE 60S — James Suresh (author), Syed Ismail (illustrator)

With his new book, James Suresh – co-creator of the hugely popular Mr Kiasu – is bringing back the 1960s through cartoon drawings and anecdotes. Enjoy Syed Ismail’s wonderful and highly-expressive illustrations that accompany every page of James’ hilarious throwbacks of Singapore’s past!

Category: Comics, Singapore, Humour



8.     SIDDHARTHA: THE PRINCE WHO BECAME BUDDHA —Patrick Yee (illustrator)

The most famous prince in the world who never actually became a king – Prince Siddhartha Gautama, or more widely known as Buddha.

This 32-page full-colour picture book with illustrations by Patrick Yee, tells the classic story of the famous prince who became Buddha.

Category: Children, Picture Book




         — Xu Hui, Jeffrey Seow (illustrator)

The Analects of Confucius is the gem in the crown of Chinese classics. It has been a basic textbook of Chinese education for more than 2,000 years. In just 12,000 characters, The Analects of Confucius covers a wide scope ranging from politics and management to education, art and morality. This exhaustive compilation of the sage’s sayings and dialogues with his disciples makes it indispensable material for a comprehensive study of the thoughts and person of Confucius.

Packed with both English translations and its modern Chinese paraphrase, this classical text has been produced together with the humorous depiction by cartoonist Jeffrey Seow, this rendition of Confucius’ sayings promises enrichment and undiminishing delights!

Category: Philosophy




           — Luo Guanzhong (author), Li Chengli (illustrator)

This ten-volume series is a complete pictorial rendition of China’s    foremost historical novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms. The classic by Ming Dynasty writer Luo Guanzhong is based on the history of the Three Kingdoms when the states of Wei, Shu and Wu emerged from the remnants of the Han Dynasty and began to fight for power and sovereignty. It vividly depicts a series of famous battles and hundreds of historical characters in one of the most turbulent periods in China’s long history.

Category: Comics, Classic, Fiction


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